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Computer and Networking Center

Borrowing classrooms

image Borrowing Classrooms

imageTo temporarily Borrow the Computer Classroom, please fill in Computer Classroom Application Form  ,have it approved by your teacher and submit the form to The Computer and Network Center

image To borrow the Computer Classroom for a semester,  please fill in〔Semester Computer Classroom Application Form〕,and submit it before the deadline.

image Computer Classroom Timetable Computer Classroom Timetable

image Notices for Computer Classroom

01. Any Food and Beverage is forbidden in the classroom. Please eat outside of the classroom.

02. Users should use devices carefully, and keep them clean.

03. Please turn off the computers before leaving.

04. After class, each class should assign student to arrange the classroom(including whiteboard, desks, chairs, door)

05. Please take off your shoe before entering the Computer Classroom, arrange shoes in orderly fashion.

06. Do not use old floppy disks. Scan your disk before using it.

07. Copying software is not allowed. Do not break the law.

08. Please respect intellectual property.

09. Video games and porn videos or pictures are forbidden.

10. Please do not modify the setting in the computer, ex: password, config, autorun, group setting, etc. Do not copy illegal files or viruses to the disk. 

11. Do not delete any software and Windows group settings in the computer.

12. Please delete the files which you copy to the disk before leaving.

13. The Computer Classroom is open 10 minutes before the class. If you arrive earilier and need to use a computer, please go to Open Computer Classroom.

14.Please do not steal or unplug any monitor, keyboard, printer, mouse...etc.

15. If the computers do not function properly, please fill in Repare Application Form

16. To temporarily Borrow the Computer Classroom, or change Classrooms, please fill in Computer Classroom Application Form